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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Tightens Grip as Allies

I Think I Am a Great Moral Leader

05 Apr, 2020, 01:12


The best and worst ways to get money abroad

The pound tumbling to long-term lows as the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looms ever closer means British holidaymakers stand to feel the pinch this summer in Europe. Travellers have already had to withstand airport bureau de change outlets offering just €0.80 to the pound, but that now looks to fall even further. So how best can Britons make the most of whatever sterling rate befalls them at the time of their trip? Below we run through some of the most common mistakes when it comes to
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The romance of the Med's lesser-known islands, from smoking volcanoes to old-school glamour

Puffing away like a 1950's nana, leathery, cone-shaped and with jaffa scuffs sparking the cool air, Stromboli looks like a child's crayon drawing of a volcano. Along with Etna and Vesuvius, which run along the same fault line, Stromboli is one of Italy's three most active volcanoes and has been smouldering like a wronged woman for nigh on two millennia.
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Blooming nightmare: Rare wildflowers lure 'unbearable' crowds of selfie-seekers to California

Super blooms like this can have a significant impact on communities in Southern California. In...

Russia's e-visa scheme is making it easier to visit – but British tourists could be excluded

It has long been a place whose relative inaccessibility is a key part of its aesthetic. For more than a century, Russia has positioned itself as somewhat set back from the rest of the world – a wilfully distant country of long winters and frowning politicians that people must make an effort to approach, rather than casually striding to the front door....

Are These The Most Terrifying Places On The Planet?

From suicide forests to Hitler’s hospital and mummified corpses. Check out the most terrifying places to visit across the globe this Halloween!...

The Tomb of Téviec: A 6,500-Year-Old Murder Mystery

Between 1928 and 1934, French archaeologists excavated a Mesolithic (hunter-gatherer) site on the island of Téviec, located off the west coast of France. The site was thousands of years old, from 5700 and 4500 BCE....

US Plans to Send Transportation Security Staff to US-Mexico Border

The Trump administration plans to redirect Transportation Security Administration staff to the U.S. southern border to assist with immigration duties and migrant flows, the TSA said Wednesday. A TSA spokesman said the agency was looking for volunteers to support efforts at the U.S. border with Mexico, where the government has said it is grappling with record numbers of people....

Cannes’ Famous Hotels Have Undergone More Than $1 Billion in Renovations

About 40,000 people will visit the city on the French coast to watch some of the year’s best films, spot celebrities, and bask in the glamour of the French Riviera. And guests at this year’s festival (which begins Tuesday) may be treated to an even more glamorous experience than years past....

An Indonesian journey continues with visits to the islands of Bali and Komodo (Second of two parts)

A festive atmosphere We arrived in the middle of the exciting Galungan celebration, and I was speechless seeing the number of temples and shrines each family had… inside their homes, in their offices, in the local park — everywhere. At each one of these, someone placed a basket of offerings twice a day, which we had to sidestep as we entered many establishments....