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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Tightens Grip as Allies

I Think I Am a Great Moral Leader

05 Apr, 2020, 12:28

Currency analysts FairFX has said that £1.7billion could be saved by British holidaymakers who plan ahead. It has broken down our collective losses into six key points, with the amount of money each wastes across the country…

Loud, inexpensive, garish and in your face, the 400m strip has been a party destination and traveller transit point like no other in Southeast Asia, with more than a million annual visitors slumming it, often in a culturally insensitive manner and on a tight budget, through its guest houses, cheap eateries and roadside bars. Now it seems, the days and nights of laid back, devil may care tropical revelry may be coming to an end. 

Deputy Bangkok...