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05 Apr, 2020, 01:26

Trump Detective Investigation: Top US diplomat changed tone when giving evidence

Trump Detective Investigation: Top US diplomat changed tone when giving evidence

The US ambassador to the EU has changed his position, saying he will be refreshed after hearing other key witnesses.

A senior US diplomat loyal to Donald Trump has corrected his credentials to investigators and admits that he knows of the administration's alleged operation with Ukraine.

EU ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sunland, told a congressional committee led by an investigation into Mr Trump that he did

not know of a plan to use US foreign policy to advance the president's political interests.

However, it was refreshing to hear from other key witnesses that Mr Sunderland had changed his statement.

Gordon Sunderland has now admitted that he knew of the alleged accusations in Ukraine

In Tuesday's evidence, he acknowledged that he remembers calling Ukraine President Vladimir Zalenskia a top aide that military aid would probably not begin in Ukraine unless Mr Trump made a public statement against corruption.

Mr Sunderland said that in early September, he "assumed that the suspension of support had been linked to the proposed anti-corruption statement".

He also said that soon, he "realized" the statement would have to come from Mr Zalensky.

Mr Trump says that when he phoned Mr Jalensky in July, spreading the scandal, he made no mistake and just wanted grace.

The support was to announce a probe into fraudulent corruption allegations that saw Mr Trump's biggest potential rival in 2001, involving Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

New evidence has come as a shock to Washington because Mr Sunderland is a loyal Trump administration official who donated $ 1 million (80 780,000) to his inauguration.

"Donald Trump has always said that pushing for a prosecution is not a so-called 'never-Trumper', but Mr. Sunderland is not one of those people," he said.

The next Trump official committee members are Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff for Mr. Trump, who has publicly disclosed to Quid Pro-quote before withdrawing his remarks.

The White House has instructed its officials to comply with the House Democrats-led impeachment investigation and is unsure whether Mr Mulvaney will appear.